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    The very powerful undefeated Gervonta Davis versus the ‘American Idol’ Tevin Farmer. Farmer owns a small size advantage, as well as owning the experience factor. Both are southpaws and I think it’d be a technical battle, and a great fight to watch. Who do you think wins?

    These are the fighters statistics:

    DAVIS | 5’ 5” & 67” | 21-00-00 with 20 KOs | Current WBA Champion

    FARMER | 5’ 6” & 67” | 29-04-01 with 06 KOs | Current IBF Champion

    I understand that money drives the sport and that promoters can pick fights, but I don't get how this can be so blatant and why the WBC would put up with it. Whyte has the silver title, has won eliminators, is the number one ranked fighter (and has been for over a year) - how can Wilder avoid him without having to give up his belt?

    Why would any fighter be interested in the belt if the guy who gets to the top of the tree doesn't get to fight the holder?

    Has there been worse examples of this?