Is Pacquiao a member of the ATG punchers club?

  • I was reading Ring Magazine's 100 greatest P4P punchers of all time. And it got me thinking if the list was made today, would pacquiao made the list?

    So I asked a friend who was also a boxing fan, the same question and he thinks that Pac doesn't belong in the list, it's only reserved for the Mike Tyson's, the GGG's and the Foreman's of the world. Apparently, he thinks that the list is only for dudes that has insane knockout records. I strongly DISAGREED with him.

    Pac has underrated power. For a guy who debuted at 106 lbs, it's amazing that he can knockout 140 or 147 pounders (ODLH, Hatton, diaz, Cotto and Matthyse). Right now, he only has a 56% knockout ration in his 61-7-2-39 ko's record but at his peak, he was 50-3-2-38 ko's while beating and ko'ing guys from 106-147 lbs. IF THAT'S NOT A P4P PUNCHER FEAT, I don't know what is.

    Pac broked a face from a dude who was a super middleweight at fight night. And the list wasn't really limited to just heavyweights and dudes with high knockout ratios.vidmate mobdro word counter

    Sanchez who only had 32 ko's from 44 wins made the list (Pac had 34 of them in as many wins). Holyfield only had 29 ko's in 44 wins and Mclarnin only had 21 ko's in 54 wins. Both made it to the list.

    I think Pac definitely belongs there. But that's just my opinion, what are yours?