How does the body react to severe rehydration

  • When I see things like Danny Jacobs rehydrating upwards of 20 pounds in just like 36 hours I think “what is that doing to his body?” Yo yo-ing your weight as a normal person can lead to diabetes and heart issues and all kinds of problems, but boxers routinely do it, and do it more severely than any regular civilian is going to do. If you’re able to rehydrate 20 pounds, your body was suffering extreme dehydration and that can lead to a lot of muscle and nerve issues. Why would someone like a boxer do something to jeopardize their nerves and muscles. It seems like that’s exactly what they wouldn’t want to do.

    So I was wondering for those that have a more intimate knowledge, how does the body respond to these drastic and rapid changes? I feel like this would be a disadvantage but apparently it’s not. I mean, I’m of the opinion that whatever weight you walk into the ring as should be what weight class the fights takes place at but I know that’s a whole other issue so let’s stick to my question about how the body responds to the changes.